Put Down the Makeup Brushes ūüźú

We all know the importance of cleaning our makeup brushes, clean brushes are literally the most vital part of our makeup ritual.
I think we can all agree it is one of the annoying tasks that tends to work its way further and further down the list of things to do.
It's easy to get lazy with our brushes from time to time, but if you need a good wake up call to keep you on your toes, here are a few really gross (and weird!) things that can happen when you skip washing those bristles.
You risk getting more wrinkles.
That's right ‚ÄĒ another bad habit that leads to wrinkles. Dirty makeup brushes can expose the skin to oxidative stress from free radicals, which causes a breakdown of collagen and elastin and can result in premature aging. Yikes!
Your makeup looks worse.
One of the biggest reasons to use makeup brushes in the first place is so your make up goes on more smoothly than if you simply use your fingers. But if they're already caked up with last week's makeup, how can they apply today's properly?
Your pores can get clogged up.
It's great that you're not touching your face so much with your fingers when you apply makeup, but if your tools are filthy, you could still wind up breaking out. "If you don't wash your makeup brushes enough, you spread dirt and bacteria from your face, to your makeup, then back to your face.
You could get a staph infection.
Through daily use, makeup brushes can accumulate dead skin cells, dirt, oil, pollution, and bacteria. These includes staphylococcus, streptococcus, and e coli, fungus, and viruses. Think this sounds far-fetched? An Australian woman contracted a staph infection after sharing makeup brushes with a friend, leaving her paralyzed in the legs and arms.
Possibility of pink eye.
Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, can spread by sharing cosmetics, including makeup brushes. While it's a common and non-deadly infection, unlike that in number 2 above, pink eye is nevertheless something you probably want to avoid whenever possible.
Irritated skin.
When all that gross bacteria and grime builds up, you could wind up with stiffer (read: not soft) bristles that can really aggravate your skin. And blemished skin just needs¬†more¬†makeup to even it out ‚ÄĒ not a cycle you want to get in.
Waste of money.
Brushes that are well-cared-for last longer, simple as that. So don't let your hard-earned cash go to waste ‚ÄĒ keep your tools clean!
You can pull your eyelashes out.
Curling your lashes makes a huge difference in your look, but imagine what would happen if your  eyelash curler is full of sticky mascara from days past. Yeah, ouch. Even worse: Leftover mascara bits can create clumps and crumbles on your eyelashes.
You may attract bugs.
If you don't pay attention to your tools, you could wind up like Stevie Miller, whose video of her make up sponge containing bugs went viral. If you ever needed a reason to clean your makeup brushes and sponges, let it be this.


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