Science Untangled - Written by Jemma

Therapist in the beauty and aesthetic industry are taught anatomy and physiology as part of their initial training but there is a HUGE gap in knowledge for people working in this industry.

Science Book

All the organs in our bodies are made of certain kinds of tissue, these tissues are made of cells, which is studied in biology. These cells are made of large biomolecules like proteins and DNA which are studied in biochemistry and these biomolecules are made from atoms that are studied in general chemistry. To understand the human body we need to have some knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, and biology, none of which are taught to therapists, which is absolutely crazy!

In this book you will learn all three subjects which have been condensed and simplified in as basic form as possible in order for the information to be understood and absorbed. The book uses cartoon illustrations to add a fun element to learning and after each chapter there are memory shakers, which are condensed bullet points of what has been taught in the chapter.

The learning technique was inspired by Jim Kwik who taught the author of this book skills in order to expand her brain for better learning potential, which she has passed down through the structure of this book to help others.

Therapists who are able to use scientific knowledge and understanding feel more confident when discussing products and treatments with clients.

If you have a deeper understanding of basic science you are able to backup any advice you share and make product recommendations more confidently. Enabling you to become more reputable. Clients will trust you more, you are more likely to upsell to them and they will even talk about you to their friends.

By the end of this book you will have the ability to skyrocket your business with your new found knowledge.

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