Fat Dissolve Injections

Fat Dissolve Injections

What is Aqualyx?

Fat Dissolve is an injection technique designed to reduce or eliminate smaller, localized fat deposits. Fat dissolving technology uses a few small injections into areas where you wish to see lasting results. The active ingredient of this medication induces a process called lipolysis, where the fat cells rupture and die. This process begins with it breaking down the fat cell wall, releasing the fatty acid that is stored within. Then the body's lymphatic system removes the fatty liquid through the venous system, where it is then processed in the same way as fatty foods are digested and the fat is dissolved and excreted naturally. 

Aqualyx contains the substance deoxycholic acid, a secondary bile acid. With the assistance of bacteria our body can produce this acid in the liver in order to aid the digestion of fat. A professor first developed a synthetic variant. The active substance locks on to the fat cell walls and starts to operate, resulting in the cell wall becoming unstable and releasing the fatty acid that is stored within. Cell residue is removed by the body’s defence and the non-attached fatty acids are metabolised and converted into energy. This is a form of injection lipolysis, lipotherapy or in tralipotherapy. 


How does it work?

Fat Dissolve is a procedure that’s approved by the Food and DrugAdministration (FDA) to dissolve fatty deposits from the body. A specially formulated compound ofnatural acids is injected into the targeted area and goes to work breaking down the fat. After thefat is disassembled, it is naturally secreted from the body permanently. New fat will never take theplace of deposits removed by Fat Dissolve technology. 

What to expect after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment the treated area(s) willbecome swollen, which may last a few days. Mild redness can also be found, like hives. However,these temporary side effects quickly subside. There is a possibility if bruising and it isrecommended that arnica tablets are taken a few days prior to the treatment. Results are seengradually over the next 5-6 weeks. 

Are there any side effects?

Bruising, Swelling , Needle Marks , Diarrhea, Itching or Mild Rash

Is it safe?

Fat dissolving is very safe, with full CE and FDA approval. 


  • Fat Dissolving Injection (1 Area) - 45Min - £80 was £120

  • Fat Dissolving Injection (2 Area) - 1Hr 15Min - £160 was £220

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