Scalp Mesotherapy


Mesotherapy for hair loss is a treatment consisting of injecting under the skin with intradermal micro injections around 4mm from the skin surface very low doses of compounds including vitamins, amino acids, hormonal regulators etc. 

Mesotherapy stimulates hair grown and therefore is very commonly used as a preventive treatment against baldness. 

Despite hardly causing any discomfort, sometimes an anaesthetic gel is used to numb the area before starting with the micro injections in the treated area; these injections are made very quick and with a separation of about 2 centimetres between each one. 

Hair mesotherapy is highly effective in stimulating hair tissues, regenerating cells of the epidermis and activating blood circulation 

What are the side effects of mesotherapy?

This technique is carried out on the superficial levels of the dermis, so therefore mesotherapy for hair has almost no side effects and they are all temporary, not implying any risk for our health. In some cases, some of the side effects of the mesotherapy hair treatment can be mild pain in the injected area, itching, inflammation, or a slight headache.


  • Microneedling / Dermaroller - 1Hr - £80

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